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Schedule of ICST 2012 Workshops

Tuesday - April 17, 2012

All day A-MOST 2012 CT 2012 LT 2012 Mutation 2012 Regression 2012
Room Hiver Automne Petit Salon Pierre de Coubertin Printemps

Saturday - April 21, 2012

All day CSTVA'2012 SBST 2012 SECTEST 2012 TAIC PART 2012 VOLT 2012
Room Printemps Season B Eté Season A Automne

A-Most 2012

website: A-MOST 2012

From Models to Runtime Execution
A Runtime Monitoring Framework for Event Streams with Non-Primitive Arguments
Jérôme Calvar, Raphaël Tremblay-Lessard and Sylvain Hallé

Grammar-Based Testing using Realistic Domains in PHP
Ivan Enderlin, Frederic Dadeau, Alain Giorgetti and Fabrice Bouquet

Industrial Challenges
From AUTOSAR Models to Co-Simulation for MiL-Testing in the Automotive Domain
Marcus Mews, Jaroslav Svacina and Stephan Weissleder

An extended LLRP model for RFID system test and diagnosis
Rafik Kheddam, Oum-El-Kheir Aktouf and Ioannis Parissis

Test Case Generation
Test Sequence Generation from Classification Trees
Peter M. Kruse and Joachim Wegener

Experimental Comparison of Test Case Generation Methods for Finite State Machines
André Takeshi Endo and Adenilso Simao

CT 2012

website: CT 2012

CT Environments and Tools
CitLab: a Laboratory for Combinatorial Interaction Testing
Angelo Gargantini, Paolo Vavassori

Combinatorial Test Design in the TOSCA Testsuite: Lessons Learned and Practical Implications
Rudolf Ramler, Theodorich Kopetzky, Wolfgang Platz

Simplified Modeling of Combinatorial Test Spaces
Itai Segall, Rachel Tzoref-Brill, Aviad Zlotnick

Experience Reports I
Effectiveness of Pair-wise Testing for Software with Boolean Inputs
William Alton Ballance, Sergiy Vilkomir, William Jenkins

Combinatorial Testing on ID3v2 Tags of MP3 Files
Zhiqiang Zhang, Xiaojian Liu, Jian Zhang

Combinatorial Testing of ACTS: A Case Study
Mehra Nouroz Borazjany, Linbin Yu, Yu Lei, Raghu Kacker, Rick Kuhn

CT Test Generation and Fault Localization
Combinatorial Methods for Event Sequence Testing
Rick Kuhn, James Higdon, James Lawrence, Raghu Kacker, Yu Lei

Combinatorial Interaction Testing for Test Selection in Grammar-Based Testing
Elke Salecker, Sabine Glesner

Isolating Failure-Inducing Combinations in Combinatorial Testing using Test Augmentation and Classification
Kiran Shakya, Tao Xie, Nuo Li, Yu Lei, Raghu Kacker, Rick Kuhn

Experience Reports II
Common Patterns in Combinatorial Models
Itai Segall, Rachel Tzoref-Brill, Aviad Zlotnick

A System Analysis Study Comparing Reverse Engineered Combinatorial Testing to Expert Judgment
Jon Hagar, Atlee Cunningham

LT 2012

website: LT 2012

Regular Papers
Automated Performance Model Construction Through Event Log Analysis
Ahmad Mizan and Greg Franks

Peer-to-peer Load Testing
Jorge Augusto Meira, Eduardo Cunha De Almeida, Yves Le Traon and Gerson Sunyé

Overcoming Web Server Benchmarking Challenges in the Multi-Core Era
Raoufehsadat Hashemian Harandi, Diwakar Krishnamurthy and Martin Arlitt

Large-Scale Testing
Challenges And Opportunities with Testing Large Systems at Ericsson
Sigrid Eldh and Leif Jonsson (Malardalen University)

Evaluating performance using OPERA model
Cornel Barna (York University)

Empirical Studies of Performance Bugs and Performance Analysis Approaches for Large Scale Software System
Shahed Zaman (Queen’s University)

Mutation 2012

website: Mutation 2012

Efficiency of mutation
Toward Harnessing High-level Language Virtual Machines for Further Speeding up Weak Mutation Testing
Vinicius Durelli, Jeff Offutt and Marcio Delamaro

Mutant Execution Cost Reduction
Pedro Reales Mateo and Macario Polo Usaola

Do Redundant Mutants Affect the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Mutation Analysis?
Rene Just, Gregory Kapfhammer and Franz Schweiggert

Novel mutation testing paradigms
Isolating First Order Equivalent Mutants via Second Order Mutation
Marinos Kintis, Mike Papadakis and Nicos Malevri

SMT-C: A Semantic Mutation Testing Tool for C
Haitao Dan and Rob Hierons

MESSI: Mutant Evaluation by Static Semantic Interpretation
Matthew Patrick, Manuel Oriol and John Clark

New applications
Using mutants to locate “unknown” faults
Mike Papadakis and Yves Le Traon

Testing Obligation Policy Enforcement using Mutation Testing
Yehia Elrakaiby, Tejeddine Mouelhi and Yves Le Traon

Regression 2012

website: Regression 2012

Approaches and Applications
Test Case Prioritization Due to Database Changes in Web Applications
Deepak Garg and Amitava Datta

Dependency-Based Test Case Selection and Prioritization in Embedded Systems
Philipp Caliebe, Thomas Herpel, and Reinhard German

Analysis of Test Clusters for the Regression Testing
Bo Guo, Mahadevan Subramaniam, and Parvathi Chundi

Visualizations and Viewpoints
Enhancing Fault Localization via Multivariate Visualization
Wes Masri, Rawad Abou Assi, Fadi Zaraket and Nour Al-Fatairi

Software Product Line Testing - A 3D Regression Testing Problem
Per Runeson and Emelie Engstrom

GUICop: GUI Specification-based Testing
Fadi Zaraket, Wes Masri, Marc Adam, Dalal Hammoud, Raghd Hamzeh, Raja Farhat, Elie Khamissi and Joseph Noujaim


website: CSTVA'2012

Fast abstracts I
Statechart Analysis with Symbolic PathFinder
Corina Pasareanu, Daniel Balasubramanian

Minimum pairwise coverage using constraint programming techniques
Arnaud Gotlieb, Aymeric Hervieu and Benoit Baudry

Full Papers
Towards Symbolic Model-Based Mutation Testing: Pitfalls in Expressing Semantics as Constraints
Bernhard K. Aichernig and Elisabeth Joebstl

Numerical Constraints for Combinatorial Interaction Testing
Peter M. Kruse, Jürgen Bauer and Joachim Wegener

Testing Deadline Misses for Real-Time Systems Using Constraint Optimization Techniques
Stefano Di Alesio, Arnaud Gotlieb, Shiva Nejati and Lionel Briand

Fast abstracts II
Combining Constraint Programming and Abstract Interpretation for Value Analysis of Floating-point Programs
Olivier Ponsini, Claude Michel and Michel Rueher

Open research challenges of localizing faults in programs using constraints
Franz Wotawa

SBST 2012

website: SBST 2012

Semi-Automatic Search-based Test Generation
Yury Pavlov and Gordon Fraser

A Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on Hadoop MapReduce for the Automatic Generation of JUnit Test Suites
Linda Di Geronimo, Filomena Ferrucci, Alfonso Murolo and Federica Sarro

A search-based approach for testing for quantitative properties of wireless network protocol stacks
Matthias Woehrle

A Genetic Algorithm for Computing Class Integration Test Orders for Aspect-Oriented Systems
Romain Delamare and Nicholas A. Kraft


website: SECTEST 2012

Model-Based Fuzz Testing
Ina Schieferdecker

Managing Evolution by Orchestrating Requirements and Testing Engineering Processes
Federica Paci, Fabio Massacci, Fabrice Bouquet, and Stephane Debricon

XSS Vulnerability Detection Using Model Inference Assisted Evolutionary Fuzzing
Fabien Duchene, Roland Groz, Jean-Luc Richier, and Sanjay Rawat

A Taint Based Approach for Smart Fuzzing
Sofia Bekrar, Roland Groz, and Mounier Laurent

A Testing Model for Dynamic Malware Analysis Systems
Mathieu Couture, Frédéric Massicotte, Hugues Normandin, and Frédéric Michaud

Automatic XACML requests generation for policy testing
Antonia Bertolino, Said Daoudagh, Francesca Lonetti, and Eda Marchetti

Solving Some Modeling Challenges when Testing Rich Internet Aplications for Security
Suryakant Choudhary, Mustafa Emre Dincturk, Gregor V. Bochmann, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Iosif Viorel Onut, and Paul Ionescu

SPaCiTE - Web Application Testing Engine
Matthias Büchler, Johan Oudinet, and Alexander Pretschner

Events-Based Security Monitoring Using MMT Tool
Bachar Wehbi, Edgardo Montes de Oca, and Michel Bourdellès

The SmartLogic Tool: Analysing and Testing Smart Card Protocols
Gerhard de Koning Gans and Joeri de Ruite


website: TAIC PART 2012

Fast Abstract
A Framework to Support Research in and Encourage Industrial Adoption of Regression Testing Techniques
Jonathan Kauffman and Gregory Kapfhammer

Symbolic System Time in Distributed Systems Testing
Oscar Soria Dustmann, Raimondas Sasnauskas and Klaus Wehrle

It Takes Two to Tango - An Experience Report on Industry-Academia Collaboration
Per Runesont

Adding Criteria-Based Tests to Test Driven Development
William Shelton, Nan Li, Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt

Technical Debt in Test Automation
Kristian Wiklund, Sigrid Eldh, Daniel Sundmark and Kristina Lundqvist

Testing of Distributed Systems
Testing of evolving protocols
Jacek Chrzaszcs, Patryk Czarnik, Aleksy Schubert and Andrzej Tarlecki

Robustness Testing of Mobile Telecommunication Systems: A Case Study on Industrial Practice and Challenges
Sigrid Eldh and Daniel Sundmark

Code Analysis, Test Case Generation
GEMS: A Generic Model Based Source Code Instrumentation Framework
Pavan Kumar Chittimalli and Vipul Shah

Combining Static Analysis and Constraint Solving for Automatic Test Case Generation
Kostyantyn Vorobyov and Padmanabhan Krishnan

VOLT 2012

website: VOLT 2012

Industry & Challenges
Challenges for Addressing Quality Factors in Model Transformation
Eugene Syriani and Jeff Gray

Verifying Model Transformations I
A Tridimensional Approach for Studying the Formal Verification of Model Transformations
Levi Lúcio, Moussa Amrani, Juergen Dingel, Gehan Selim, Benoit Combemale, Hans Vangheluwe, Yves Le Traon and James R. Cordy

Towards a Methodology for Verifying Partial Model Refinements
Rick Salay, Marsha Chechik and Jan Gorzny

Verified Operational Patterns with Graph Transformation
Tamás Mészáros and Tihamér Levendovsky

Verifying Model Transformations II
Towards a Rule-level Verification Framework for Property-Preserving Graph Transformations
Hanh Nhi Tran and Christian Percebois