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Welcome to Montréal

Montréal is a place where people from all around the globe come together to enjoy a Canadian city with a European life-style. An island set along the mighty St. Lawrence River, Montreal is known as the city built around a mountain, "Mont Real" meaning “Real Mountain”, which is dominating the city and from the top of which can be enjoyed a breathtaking view (local transportation, walking paths, and organised tours are available).

Montréal has an international reputation for excellent dining. It offers a restaurant for every budget and every taste. Its infrastructure, each year, accommodates thousands of tourists enjoying the many international events, such as the Jazz Festival or the International Film Festival.

Montréal has one of the lowest North American crime rates; it does not have any dangerous area and visitors of both sexes can safely walk around the city at any time during day or night. In public places, restaurant or public transportation, the usual precautions suffice to make a period spent in Montréal enjoyable and safe.

Montréal promotes green development, emphasizing the use of taxis and on-the-spot rental bikes that can be found at convenient locations all around the city.

Montréal is a true multi-lingual and multi-cultural city, with over 150 ethnies living together. Local people are renowned for their kindness and for being easy-going.

How to move in Montréal?

Bus or metro
Find a taxi

Where to eat in Montréal?

Alloinde : Indian cuisine
Laromate:French cuisine
bisristorante:Italian cuisine

Places to visit...

Old Montréal
Notre-Dame Basilica
Olympic Stadium Montreal
Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal
Biodome:Ecosystems of the Americas

More about Montréal and its tourist sites and events...

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